OntWIG's 8th Symposium Procedings

Thanks to everyone who participated in OntWIG's 8th Annual Symposium and helped us celebrate 10 years!  It was a wonderful chance to connect and learn more about how far we have come in advocating for wound care in Ontario. We are very grateful for all the interdisciplinary members who were able to participate with us, as well as industry sponsors. 

Please read over the proceedings document to learn more about what happened at the symposium and what you missed out on!  

Fibreglass Total Contact Casting, Removable Cast Walkers, and Irremovable Cast Walkers to Treat Diabetic Neuropathic Foot Ulcers

Great news from Health Quality Ontario was released last week.  The Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee recommends that fibreglass total contact casting, removable cast walkers, and irremovable cast walkers be publicly funded in patients presenting with a neuropathic diabetic plantar foot ulcer.  This is a very important step toward access for all Ontarians to the very best care for diabetic foot ulcers. 

Call for new executive team members

ontwig.ca/executive-team-application/The Ontario Woundcare Interest Group (OntWIG) is currently seeking applications for executive team positions.
Deadline to apply: October 15, 2017
Term begins: November 1, 2017
Who May Apply: open to all health care professionals (Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Chiropodists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Registered Dietitians etc.) who have current membership with OntWIG.

HQO - Feedback requested for E-Stim for Pressure Injuries

The Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee accepted OntWIG's application to look at Electrical Stimulation for Pressure Injuries. It is now open for feedback and review for a short period of time (Until August 11). Please consider providing your feedback and reviewing the document. This is important for increasing awareness for use of adjunctive therapies in wound care!

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Please enjoy a little bit of light summer reading with our Summer Newsletter.  



Symposium Proceedings 2017

~Dear OntWIG members and Symposium Delegates:

It is with pleasure that we present the proceedings from the 7th Annual Ontario Woundcare Interest Group Symposium entitled:Engage. Align. Influence: Empowering Implementation.

At our symposium, there were over 50 delegates in attendance, including chiropodists, nurses, enterostomal therapists, Occupational therapists and industry partners.  A special guest from the Rick Hansen Institute in British Columbia was also in attendance.

Update from the Health Minister and HQO on offloading devices

Dear OntWIG members,

We are extremely excited that at last week's RNAO AGM, the Health Minister Dr. Hoskins announced that offloading devices for Diabetic feet will be covered by the provincial government.

We want to ensure that OntWIG members are acknowledged in this process and your efforts are recognised. It's been at least 2 years in the making; starting from OntWIG's working group, Health Quality Ontario discussions, and submission to the Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee, every step was a team effort.

HQO - Quality Rounds Ontario

Dr Doug Cochrane will be speaking at this month Health Quality Ontario Quality Rounds on February 8th 7am - 8am.  The topic this month is: Surgical Improvement in British Columbia: The need for a multifaceted strategy.


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