HQO - Quality Rounds Ontario

Dr Doug Cochrane will be speaking at this month Health Quality Ontario Quality Rounds on February 8th 7am - 8am.  The topic this month is: Surgical Improvement in British Columbia: The need for a multifaceted strategy.


UHN - Beyond the Basics Wound Care Course

UHN is offering a Beyond the Basics Wound Care Course on February 24th - more information may be found with the attached document.  

7th Annual Sumposium

We are pleased to announce our 7th annual symposium.  It is to take place on April 21st at The Old Springer House in Burlington.  To register and find more information please visit our webpage: http://ontwig.ca/7th-annual-symposium/

Health Quality Ontario Draft Quality Standards - Requiring Feedback From Membership

Dear OntWIG members,

I am writing to let you know that Health Quality Ontario has posted three draft quality standards for wound care and welcomes your feedback.
The topics include:
·         Diabetic Foot Ulcers

·         Pressure Injuries

·         Venous and Mixed Venous/Arterial Leg Ulcers

Engage.Align.Influence Symposium Proceedings Document

The OntWIG executive are excited to share the proceedings document from our 2016 Symposium.  The symposium featured excellent presentations and discussion from a diverse range of speakers and participants.  This report focuses on the discussions and recommendations that were generated at the symposium.

We hope you enjoy reading through the document and look forward to further collaboration and progress with you at our next Symposium, April 21st, 2017.

Electrical Stimilation Therapy (EST)

~Please find a notice attached for a seminar about using Electrical Stimulation Therapy (EST).  Deadline to Register is June 24, 2016. Details are in the flyer.  Hope to see you there. 


Ontario Woundcare Interest Group

WOCN/CAET Conference in Montreal

The CAET and WOCN are holding their conference June 4-8, 2016 in Montreal. It's not too late to register. Please go to www.wocnconference.com for more information​.

Access to Wound Care in Ontario - A Patient Survey

Healthcare providers and organizations in Ontario have a long history of commitment to improving the quality of wound care. For decades, many Hospitals, Long-Term Care Homes and community provider agencies have developed wound assessment, management and prevention protocols and educational plans independent of each other. These unique, organization-specific approaches have resulted in inconsistencies as patients are transitioned from one organization to another and from one healthcare sector to another.

Symposium Evaluation

~Thank you to everyone who participated in the 6th Annual Ontario Woundcare Interest Group (OntWIG) Symposium.  We value your engagement and truly believe each of you lived up to the theme of the symposium: ENGAGE.ALIGN.INFLUENCE.  Thank you again to our industry partners for your generous support and contributions!

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