Leveraging better wound health policy: Provincial perspectives and update of work of the Ontario Woundcare Interest Group

~~The Ontario Woundcare Interest Group is pleased to host this event on for all health care leaders and interdisciplinary providers interested in influencing health policy.

OntWIG has collaborated with the Canadian Association of Wound Care in order to engage and network with conference participants from across Canada to share and expand their knowledge base related to health policy issues around wound and skin healthcare delivery.

The target audience for this meeting is a cross-section of acute, community and long-term care community executives, managers and clinicians who share an interest in lobbying for a transformation of our fragmented system to improve delivery of quality wound health care services across Canada.

Complete your conference week-end by joining with us as we collaborate to find levers that will improve access and delivery of quality wound health care based on best practices and value-for-money.

Whether you represent acute care, long term care or the community sector, your input is invaluable. OntWIG will facilitate thought-provoking insights from our keynote speaker, OntWIG working groups and inter-provincial leaders.

More information can be found at www.ontwig.ca

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