Webinar to launch the “Framework for an Ontario Wound Care Strategy – Fewer Wounds, Faster Healing”

Progress on the Provincial Strategy for Wound Care - We were pleased with the enthusiastic support at the symposium held in October 2012. OntWIG hired a consultant to prepare the report of this meeting which served as the basis for the development of the wound care strategy. Based on the input from participants and board members, we are excited to share the “Framework for an Ontario Wound Care Strategy – Fewer Wounds, Faster Healing” (available on the OntWIG website – www.ontwig.rnao.ca). The plan to communicate and advocate for implementation of the framework includes the following next steps: 

1.    Webinar - We will be holding a virtual meeting with members and key opinion leaders on Oct.24, 2012 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. to provide an overview of the “Framework for an Ontario Wound Care Strategy”, obtain endorsement by stakeholder groups and discuss next steps toward gaining support from government. The meeting will be conducted via webinar. Details to join in on the conversation will be provided via an email in advance of the event.
The webinar is being held to launch the "Framework for an Ontario Wound Care Strategy:  Fewer Wounds, Faster Healing".  We are inviting our members and other stakeholders to join us for an overview of the strategy framework, answer your questions and seek endorsement for the strategy.

Please join us in an Adobe Connect Meeting.
Meeting Name:  OntWIG: Framework for an Ontario Wound Care Strategy
Summary: Presentation of the OntWIG Framework "Fewer Wounds, Faster Healing"
Invited By: Nancy Purdy (npurdy@ryerson.ca) and hosted by Karen Laforet, OntWIG President
When:  10/24/2012 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Time Zone:  (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)
To enter meeting, click on the following link:   https://connect.ryerson.ca/ontwig
When you are asked for a login and password, select “Enter as a guest” and provide your name.  This will help with the discussion if you pose a question and will give all participants a list of who has joined the meeting.

Once you have entered the meeting, you will see a message “Nothing is being shared” until the scheduled meeting time when the session will begin. You will be able to hear the presentation but will need to pose questions by typing in your comment/question in the ‘Chat’ box on the screen.  The moderator for the session will notify the speaker when questions are added. The session will be recorded so that it can be shared and will be posted on the OntWIG website.
2.    Member survey- The “Framework for an Ontario Wound Care Strategy” will be posted on the OntWIG website for your reference after the webinar. We encourage members to review this document as we will be sending out a link to an online survey requesting members’ feedback for each of the recommendations. The survey will take only a few minutes. We are asking if you agree or disagree with each recommendation and if you have any specific comments you would like to offer. The survey will be active Nov. 1 until Nov. 15th.