Update from the Health Minister and HQO on offloading devices

Dear OntWIG members,

We are extremely excited that at last week's RNAO AGM, the Health Minister Dr. Hoskins announced that offloading devices for Diabetic feet will be covered by the provincial government.

We want to ensure that OntWIG members are acknowledged in this process and your efforts are recognised. It's been at least 2 years in the making; starting from OntWIG's working group, Health Quality Ontario discussions, and submission to the Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee, every step was a team effort.

We posted a video on our facebook page of the announcement, visit our page to see the video (Thanks to Wounds Canada for the recording)! https://www.facebook.com/Ontariowoundcareinterestgroup/

Here's RNAO's media release to the announcement: http://rnao.ca/news/media-releases/2017/04/27/rnao-hails-progressive-budget

Thank you for sharing in this amazing achievement! 

Kind Regards,

The OntWIG Executive